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About me
Becca Blondin


About Me

Born and raised in Sacramento California, I have lived off grid in the Spanish mountains for over 30 years.I have been working with medicinal plants since the early 90's and all of the plants I use are grown here at my home, with the exception of those that are wildcrafted from the surrounding hillsides. I make everything from scratch, with only organic ingredients and the plants that I cultivate and harvest. I grow most of my own food and live in the home I built for myself.

As a practicing herbalist, sharing my passion for medicinal plants and the alchemy involved in transforming them into natural skincare products comes naturally to me. I have chosen to dedicate my life to the plants that surround me and their many uses. The twinkle in my eye when I share my knowledge is a clear indication of just how much sharing these traditional teachings and ancestral knowledge fills me with satisfaction.

I have made my home in rural Spain.

After living 22 years without running water and 26 without electricity, I have now installed a humble solar electricity system in my home, and my hot water comes from the wood stove in the winter and from a solar setup in the summer. I built my stone home myself in a small off grid village which is walking distance from the farmhouse we will be using for the retreat.

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The dates selected for this retreat are tremendously intentional, not at all coincidental.

Rather, they are very specifically chosen according to the moon. All activities and workshops will take place keeping in mind the moon's position in the sky and according to the biodynamic lunar calendar.

The season and time of year are also key in selecting when to gather. Late winter and early spring being an ideal time here to harvest medicinal plants for our workshops.

From Seed to Skin

The Botanical Retreat,

From Seed to Skin is born of a love for nature, medicinal plants and natural skincare, and the desire to share the knowledge of herbal wellness gathered over 30 years with the people who have been asking for ways to achieve healthy skin.


Meet the Team

These amazing women will accompany us on our voyage From Seed 2 Skin

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