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Herbal Skincare
Retreat in Andalusia

The experience of a lifetime awaits you in the hills of southern Spain.The alchemy of your own natural skincare is at your fingertips. Surround yourself in the local culture and cuisine while learning to use fresh medicinal herbs to create your very own organic skincare products. An all-inclusive getaway that will change the way you look at life.

March 6-13 2025

Herbal Skincare Workshop

Harvest and create your own skincare products from scratch with organic botanicals


Andalusian getaway

Immerse yourself in the culture and cuisine in the hills of southern Spain

All inclusive retreat

Featuring local organic food, wines and botanical cocktails in a charming renovated farmhouse.


Small groups

Eat, drink and create with herbs in a small group of people, immersed in nature


This Introduction to Botanical Skincare Production will take us through all the steps involved in creating our very own salves, creams, shampoos, soaps, and a number of other botanical adventures, including herbal teas and botanical cocktails.


We will hand harvest, dry, process, distill, grind, prepare oils and salves from the ground up.


We will be visiting local gardens, working with two different types of stills, hand blending local, organic ingredients to create the right cream for you.


Take advantage of your newfound knowledge and create your own simple herb garden at home, giving yourself access in your daily life to the botanical alchemy that we all deserve to have on hand.

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Natural Skincare Course in Andalusia


• Complete Introduction to Botanical Skincare Workshop.

• Ecoprint botanical impression workshop.

• Soap-making workshop and tour of Essential Oil lab.

• Visit to local organic alcohol distillery and museum, Martes Santo.

• Visit to local wood-fired bread oven.

• Hiking trips.

• Morning yoga.

• Excursions to local villages.

• Dinner at local wood-fired pizza oven, La Plazita, complete with private flamenco dance concert and workshop.

• Complete recipe book and notebook to take your own notes.

• On-site private chef in a renovated farmhouse.


Come to the southern reaches of Spain and join us for a retreat that promises to be inspiring, transformative, and rejuvenating.


At our Herbal Skincare Workshop, you will learn details of how to harvest medicinal herbs to create your own organic botanical skincare products from scratch. We will provide you with the knowledge and tools to craft natural and effective skincare products that suit your individual needs. We will cover topics such as harvesting methods, distilling, oil infusion techniques, formulation and preservation.

You will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of medicinal herbs and botanicals to create your own skincare products. We will discuss the use of the biodynamic lunar calender in the harvesting and processing of medicinal plants. You will receive a notebook to take your own notes and a recipe book including the creations covered in the course to take home with you. All handmade cosmetics are carry-on safe, but an option of shipping your goodies home is available.

Our workshop is a fantastic way to start your journey into the world of natural skincare or to fine-tune what you already have learned on your own journey with herbs.


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Alájar, Huelva, Andalucía (Spain)


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